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Happy Health Information Management week

Ronni Herrick

April 18th - 24th

Thank you Ronni for all your hard work and dedication to our facility! You are very much appreciated!

Happy Health Information Management week!

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Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, April 3rd

    • Wellness Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm (laboratory services at a discounted price. Personal Pay ONLY)

  • Mondays 8 am - 12 pm 

    • Dr. Payne, DC - Call to make an appointment

  • Thursday, April 4th  

    • Dr. Wooldrick, DO - Call to make an appointment​

  • Friday, April 5th 

    • Dr. Hinze, DPM - Call (308) 345-3773 to make an appointment​

  • Tuesday, April 9th 

    • Dr. Frey, DO - Scheduled accordingly ​

  • Thursday, April 11th

    • Gina Dunse - Call to make an appointment​

  • Tuesday, April 16th  

    • Dr. King, Cardiologist - Call to make an appointment​


IV Therapy
Mondays and Fridays
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Diet Apples
Weight Loss Program
Make an Appointment
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Allergy Testing
Clinic Hours (no Wednesdays)
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New to the Area?

Are you new to the area and looking to establish care with us, Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Call us at (308) 425-6221 opt. 2

  2. Ask about how to start establishing care with one of our Providers

  3. Talk with medical records about how to transfer care records

  4. Make an appointment

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If this is an Emergency, please call 911

Contact Information




Hospital: (308) 425-6221 opt. 3

    Clinic: (308) 425-6221 opt. 2 or (308) 425-6249



Tips to know if its a scam

  1. Did they state who they are and where they are calling from?  Anyone calling from Franklin County Memorial Hospital or Pool Medical Clinic will state who they are, where they are calling from and why they are calling.

  2. Are they asking for personal information, such as social security number or insurance information?     No one from FCMH will ask for personal information without stating why the information is needed.

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