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If you hate the changing of the seasons; develop the following symptoms;: sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itching, watery eyes, rash, fatigue wheezing shortness of breath, dry, irritating cough and post nasal drainage - If you take medications like antihistamines, nasal steroids and steroid injections  then you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Allergies occur when your immune system is sensitive to certain foreign substances. Exposure to these substances cause a release of a wide range of chemicals into your system which causes the many uncomfortable physical reactions listed above.

According to the CDC about 16 million people older than 18 and bout 5.5 million children younger than 18 were diagnosed with seasonal allergies in 2016. Seasonal allergies have led to an increase in medication usage. As a result, there is a potential of an increase in medication side effects and even a loss of productivity when symptoms are not well controlled. 

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy Services at FCMH

Seasonal Allergies

In 2018 FCMH's Dion Machard APRN- NP partnered with Oasis Allergy Solutions and started our Immunotherapy - Allergy Program that has been offered in our Pool Medical Clinic since  December of  2018.

Oasis was created by Dr. Jason Sigmon, and all their antigens are and testing materials are organic and FDA approved. 
For more information on Oasis please click on the Oasis Logo at the beginning of this article. 

What Can Be Done About It?


Dion Machard APRN- NP

Immunotherapy is the process of exposing your body over time to small amounts of allergens, to which your body displays a histamine reaction.
(i.e. runny nose, burning itching eyes, sneezing etc. . .)  This controlled exposure causes your body's immune system to become less sensitive to these allergens, thereby reducing the need for medication. 

The first step in starting your immunotherapy is to get an allergy test which we offer at Pool Medical Clinic. This allergy test determines your body's reaction to as many as 59 different possible allergens - everything from pollen to dust mites. Also there are 12 food allergies that can be tested for.

So if you are tired of taking medications, suffering with a runny nose, watery eyes and other allergy symptoms, then make an appointment to find out how you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors!

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